Wellcome, !We, as Northkoala team, bring you innovative ideas by together the disciplines of Information Technology and Industrial Design. Our ideas that we produce are aimed to grow even more with the satisfaction of our customers and turn into beautiful and pleasant works. We offer innovative, functional solutions to your projects with our multidisciplinary approaches in areas we specialize in designing fair, congress, stage, furniture and lighting. Contact us to discover modern, better and better solutions

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We're all the Koalas.
Under the portal, we provide a platform for you to access information easily. You can share and transfer information under the title of the field you want.
We share our knowledge in the fields of Design, Art, Science and Technology. You can also transfer and share information under your desired title. We are a member of our community and you are a member of koala and share your feedback.
What we do as Northkoala ?
We offer new solutions for your fair stand, congress and stage designs.
(3D designs,Showrooms,Layouts,Store designs)
We design your web page designs in your desired design.
Domain ve hosting .
We provide special design services in furniture and lighting products. .
24/7 service.
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North koala

Owners:2 Designers: Creators:4 Masters:14 Location:New York,Oslo,Baku,Istanbul
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