Title tags, meta tags, page copy, page title, alt attributes optimization

Here we implement all the approved keywords in your website titles, meta descriptions, page content, and even in the images name and alt attributes. This will start the improvement in keywords ranking right away.

URL Structure Optimization

The URLs structure should be SEO friendly so that Google can easily crawl your website. It should include keywords but in the right way as per the Google webmasters guidelines.

Navigation Structure

The navigation structure of the website should be optimized and simple as it is important from SEO perspective as well as user perspective. This will increase the conversion rate of the website and reduce the bounce rate.

Duplicate Copy Check

In this, you have to make sure that you should not copy your same content on multiple pages and also check whether the other sites are stealing your content, if yes, then you must take action to remedy the problem as quickly as possible.

Baclink Review

Backlinks are still the most important among the 200 ranking factors and it is important to keep the check on the pages that link back to you, ensuring that the links are still active, and that the sites linking to you do not engage in questionable activities. Bad links coming to your site can hurt your own SEO value and also can hit your website with Google Penalty. To improve the search engine rankings, you should also review your competitor’s backlinks to find new possibilities for creating quality and relevant backlinks.

Page Speed

Page speed is most importand steep in website for seo. Your hosting company speed is not enought for seo even if the speed is maximum . What we doing is Comprase all css and js with our special compresser variants and get the 75% more speed in website.Also removing useless codes and non need links from website

Why You Need an Expert SEO Agency

SEO has always been a changing industry. When companies try to manage local, national or eCommerce SEO campaigns in-house, there are chances of wastage of marketing dollars because of using outdated techniques. Because SEO Experts Company India’s core business is SEO in India, our priority is to keep expert resources up to date with the latest SEO trends. To stay ahead of your competition in the world of SEO marketing, you need a search engine optimization campaign that outranks the competition. Here are a few important SEO developments we help you to improve your local and national search engine visibility. SEO Experts Company is not only an expert SEO agency from India but also number one in responsive (mobile-friendly) website design. We are full of web design and development projects since we opened, and this scenario put us in the position to make the most of mobile SEO opportunities, to help you generate more traffic and leads.

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