SSL Certificate Features

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Free Setup

We provide free installation services for all of the cheap SSL certificates we offer for sale on our site (including certificates requiring documents) without exception.

Green Address Bar (EV)

Address bars of browsers turn green only thanks to SSL certificates with EV (Extended Verification) feature.

Mobile Compatibility

Not all SSL certificates are compatible with mobile devices. Mobile compatible certificates are much more advantageous in today's world where smartphones and tablets are becoming widespread rapidly.

What is Wildcard?

Standard SSL certificates are issued only for first level domains ( Wildcard-enabled certificates can be used for all subdomains (

Document Requirement

While only a domain name is sufficient for some certificates, for some, corporate existence must be proven with various documents. Such certificates are more advantageous than others.

What is Site Seal?

The site seal means that the reliability of your website is under the guarantee (under certain conditions) of the company that produced the certificate.

Types of SSL

SSL certificates have various types according to the verification level they provide (DV SSL, OV SSL, EV SSL) and the number of domain names they secure (Multi Domain SSL) and subdomains (Wildcard SSL):

What is SSL?

SSL is a security protocol that encrypts data transfer transactions made over internet pages and enables them to be transmitted to the opposite server. The data to be transferred is encrypted between the client and the server, and the encryption process can only be decrypted by the correct server. Websites with SSL certificates are displayed as "https" in the browser bar. SSL certificates provide data security and are an important criterion for your website to rise in Google search results. You don't have to worry about SSL setup. SSL installation process is carried out free of charge and quickly by Turhost System Engineers . SSL prices vary according to the SSL company you prefer. Turhost offers convenient and reliable SSL certificates for you. Frequently Asked Questions When Buying SSL

  • OV SSL (Organization Validation)
  • Multi Domain SSL Certificate
  • Wildcard SSL
  • DV SSL (Domain Validation)
  • Home SSL (Extended Validation)


If you already have a mobile presence today, it’s likely that it has a good number of visitors. What you see here in fig. 1 is that the web reaches 3 times as many people and it is growing faster. On the contrary, the amount of time spend in those same apps and sites, the average is much higher than it is for web.

Mobile web reach

Top 1000 mobile apps vs. top 1000 mobile web properties

Mobile Web
Monthly unique visitors (M)

Fig. 1

Mobile web engagement

Top 1000 mobile apps vs. top 1000 mobile web properties

Mobile Web
Average minutes per visitor

Fig. 2

Source : comScore Mobile Metrix, US, Age 18+, June 2016

What kind of sites can have a SSL

Many of Hosting providers are give free ssl but this kind of free ssl are not good for your website because the ssl youre use is actually the main domain sub ssl , so youcan have your own ssl. it will hep your seo alot.

Blog and
Simple websites
Banking and
Education and
Shopping and
Travel and
Sports and
Media and
Food and

Why build apps on the web

When developed by a well experienced Progressive Web App development company, there are many benefits of Progressive Web Apps, making it easy to delight your users, grow engagement and increase conversions.

Similar to native apps, your Progressive mobile app can also be on the home screen, increasing user engagement. With push notification, progressive web app are similarly engaging to the users as native apps. The performance of Web applications in the matter of engagements may have been poor, but now it is getting more popular than native apps.

With progressive web app framework, these apps will work even under poor network conditions. As a leading progressive web app development services providers, we know that users don’t always have good network connections, and that is why web apps are more resilient to poor network conditions than native apps.

With zero friction, the engagement level of the users with a web application is higher than that of native applications. The users don’t have to go through the app store to find the app. Less friction means more engagement, and that is reason enough to develop a progressive web app for your business.

One of the many progressive web app benefits is the high conversion numbers. The native apps at times may end up buggy and offer less than satisfying experience to the users, progressive web apps are without and friction, that gives a smooth experience to the users, encouraging them to convert.

SSL Certficates and prices

Comodo SSL Certificates

Essential (DV) Wildcard SSL 4$

Premium (OV) SSL 8$

Premium (OV) Wildcard SSL 12$

Comodo EV SSL 30$

Essential (DV) SSL 15$ discounted

Standard SSL Certificate

Standard SSL Certificate 10$

Wildcard SSL Certificate 15$

GlobalSign SSL Certificates

Domain SSL 30$

Domain wildcard 80$

Organization SSL 35$

Organization Wildcard SSL 100$

Home SSL 60$


Frequently Asked Questions When Buying SSL

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Yes, our SSL certificates work in harmony with all banks.
Paid SSL certificates are provided by hosting companies. You can purchase the SSL package that best suits your site and budget by examining the SSL packages with different features prepared according to the needs of your site. You can ask your questions to our sales representatives.
If you have a single website or blog where visitors don't need to share any sensitive information, you can get a free DV SSL Certificate. What is Free SSL for this ? We recommend you to read our article. If you have a website where visitors need to enter their sensitive information, you can get an EV SSL or OV SSL Certificate.